His Mafia Love Novel by Diamond

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His Mafia Love Novel Summary.

Damien Anderson is a 20-year-old young guy who is living a wealthy and nice life. He had everything he needed in the palm of his hands.

He was considered the hottest guy in his school; he was every girl’s dream guy. But the young man’s heart and mind were already captured by his very beautiful girlfriend,

whom he dreamed of having a happily ever after with. But what will happen when she betrays him and shatters his life, leaving him to suffer in this world and making his family turn their backs on him?

She destroyed his life but also left something precious for him. Will he get back on his feet and cherish the only thing he has left, or will he let the world pull him down?

His Mafia Love Novel by Diamond
His Mafia Love Novel by Diamond

Read His Mafia Love Novel Summary.

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