The Mafia Devil’s Possession Novel by Dark-Mage

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The Mafia Devil’s Possession Novel Summary.

“You belong to me.” His husky voice washed over Kon, and he felt his body, arching towards him, despite his resolve not to allow the devil to own him.

“You are mine, love. No one else is permitted to touch you, except me.” The devil’s whisper was like a caress to his naked skin. Being a young boy desperate to complete high school and pay off the debt his mother owned,

Kon never expected to run into the mafia Lord known as the ‘DEVIL’ A man who has no emotions. The sadistic devil who cares for nothing else in this world but to bathe in the blood of his enemies.

Just one meeting with him and his fate was rewritten. He was not only bought by the Devil but he was also possessed by him.

Now, he’s on the run, from the devil who’s determined to have him, back where he belonged. Back in his bed, and on chains.

The Mafia Devil's Possession Novel by Dark-Mage
The Mafia Devil’s Possession Novel by Dark-Mage

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