Claimed By The Ruthless Mafia Novel by PageSlayer

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Claimed By The Ruthless Mafia Novel Summary.

Bella has been friends with Ryder since childhood, thanks to their parents’ long-lasting friendship.

One night, their relationship took a passionate turn, and everything changed between them. Bella can’t trust Ryder because Ryder, the leader of the mafia,

has always been a “one and done” kind of guy, never believing in serious relationships. Ryder doesn’t want to let her go.

He is willing to go to any limit. Will Bella save her heart and not fall for Ryder’s cunning tactics? Sarah was forced into a contract marriage with Alex, the mafia boss, in order to seal a business deal. She had a crush on him forever.

But Alex didn’t have any affection for his bride, as the marriage was completely against his will. Soon, she discovered the truth of their marriage and the infidelity of Alex.

She decided to leave him, despite being pregnant with his child. Mia is an independent woman who rejects the advances of Logan, the powerful don. Never used to being turned down,

Logan has made it his mission to bend her down, using any means necessary. He won’t mind playing unfairly and dirty in his pursuit of her. How will Mia save herself from this handsome devil?.

Claimed By The Ruthless Mafia Novel by PageSlayer
Claimed By The Ruthless Mafia Novel by PageSlayer

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