Sold To The Mafia Queen Novel by Jade Weaver

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Sold To The Mafia Queen Novel Summary.

“Don’t move an inch, continue fucking her!” I screamed. “Asssshley pleassse!” He pleaded, with tears coming out of his eyes. “What’s that? No! Don’t cry, you are a guy.

Don’t you want this?” I asked, glaring at him. Ashley, please don’t kill himmm! We are sorry!” Emily cried out. “You are sorry? So, I should just forgive you?” I asked, sounding hurt.

“Please Ashley, don’t do this. You know I still love you?” he said. “Love? Shut your mouth hole, you scumbag!” I screamed. “What are you waiting for?

Start rocking your hips, isn’t that want you wanted, you want to fuck my friend so badly now do it?” I asked. Emily was still crying underneath as he started thrusting into her harder than before.

She was the last person I expected this from. I never thought she would have an affair with my own boyfriend. It was surreal.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I felt like evaporating, yet this was happening. “Fuck her harder! Harder! Harder!” I screamed.

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He was moving his hips as I was screaming. I moved closer to them on the bed and slapped his butt cheeks hard. “I said harder!!!” I screamed.

“P…. please Ashhhhhley, he is h-hurting me.” Emily screamed. I chuckled, “He wasn’t hurting you when it was just the two of you.

Now he is hurting you?” I asked and slapped her hard across the face, still pointing the gun at his head. Her face turned red.

Ashley Barbie Gates, a pimp, a sex addict, and queen of the streets, was a lover of hot guys. She had sex with all the hot guys that came her way, and even ruined her mother’s life because of it by having an affair with her stepfather.

She was heartbroken when she found her best friend in bed with her boyfriend. She swore to take revenge on all men and always dump them,

but she was stuck between a rock and a hard place when she was asked by her father to get married as soon as possible. Xander Aiden Carter, a police officer,

found himself entangled with the mafia queen when his sister sold him to her. How will he escape from her clutches?

When he is in constant torment by her. How will she let go of her hatred for men and settle down with just one man? And who will it be? Who will melt the heart of the broken queen?

Sold To The Mafia Queen Novel by Jade Weaver
Sold To The Mafia Queen Novel by Jade Weaver

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