Knowing Jude Novel by S.H. Waen

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Knowing Jude Novel Summary.

“You’re not the type of girl I’d usually kiss,” he says, his eyes fixed on my lips. “But I’ll do it anyway.” Then the cocky jerk leans in and kisses me.

He claims to like her, she claims she’d never be stupid enough to trust a bad boy with her heart.

After the death of her best friend, Jo Hansen’s main goal is to get through senior year without losing her mind.

She badly wants a distraction from her dark thoughts…but is tutoring the school’s bad boy the solution? Jude Walker’s life has never been easy–not since he made a mistake that turned his family against him.

His father cut him off at 18, and to support himself, he took up underground fighting, modelling–whatever puts a buck in his pocket. He needs a university scholarship and to fix his Math grade, he finds himself thrown together with a smartass good girl.

The two seem so different at a glance. The nerdy girl with a smart mouth and the troublesome bad boy with a different girl pressed against his locker every week. But at second glance,

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they are not so different. They both have their own trauma, fighting not to drown in their pain. Will they help each other survive, or will they drag each other deeper under the surface?

Knowing Jude Novel by S.H. Waen
Knowing Jude Novel by S.H. Waen

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