Grimstone Novel by Sophie Lark

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Grimstone Novel Summary.

Remi Hayes is beginning to think she’s cursed -her fiancé cheated on her, her brother Jude is a major pain in her ass, and the moldering mansion she inherited from her uncle might just be haunted.

Flipping Blackleaf Manor already feels impossible, even before Remi is blackmailed by Dane Covett, the dangerously hot doctor-next-door,

and Grimstone’s most eligible bachelor-if you can ignore the fact that everyone in town thinks he murdered his wife.
Remi doesn’t want to believe it,

especially after Dane sews up a gash in her thigh and steals a kiss in payment-a kiss that makes it hard to walk for reasons that have nothing to do with an injured leg.

But as the renovation takes a strange and violent turn, Remi must decide if Dane is the one haunting her nights, or if he’s trying to protect her from something much worse…

Lark Halloween is my favorite! I get such a thrill out of writing a spooky, dark book at this time of year. Remi and Dane are two deeply damaged people with skeletons in their closets.

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It’s only when they meet each other that they finally find the connection and acceptance that allows them to move on from their dark pasts.

I fell in love with the gothic beach town of Grimstone, and will be writing a dark romance set there each autumn. – Sophie

“Grimstone” is a deeply dark contemporary romance and a complete standalone. Reader it has extremely spicy scenes and triggering content not suitable for all.

Grimstone Novel by Sophie Lark
Grimstone Novel by Sophie Lark

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