Order of The Red Gate Novel by GalateyaTS

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Order of The Red Gate Novel Summary.

McKenna has one goal in mind—to grab the next flight to Washington and disappear from the police and her abusive parents.

And there is only one person who could help her: her childhood friend and first love—Jude. Just as she breaks into the private university grounds where he studies, a horrific cult kidnaps her and forces her into servitude to their supervisor.

Although her new master, Etienne, claims he would help her escape, McKenna is dead set on finding a way out on her own. And when she does, everything she’s ever thought she knew falls apart.

Jude is the leader of the Order of the Red Gate, and he promises to protect her identity and let her stay on campus against a small price—she has to pledge allegiance to the cult.

As grim truths evoke gut-wrenching questions, McKenna is pulled into an ocean of evil and death where one small mistake could cost her either her sanity or her life.

Order of The Red Gate Novel by GalateyaTS
Order of The Red Gate Novel by GalateyaTS

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