The Alpha’s Concubine Novel by Baby Charlene

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The Alpha’s Concubine Novel Summary.

Czar was a broken Alpha Prince, torn and frustrated by the loss of his mate who he believed was killed by the vampires. Although,

her body was never found, the wolf prince believed his beloved mate and lover was murdered by the vampires during the war.

Thus, he hated the vampires with everything in him and made a demon of himself.

But a few years later, the wolves and vampires came together to make peace and Czar is maddened with rage when his father asks him to marry the VampLord’s daughter.

He dislikes her and every one of her type, but unfortunately, is tied to her. The VampLord’s daughter, on the other hand, fears the Alpha Prince so much,

but she is more concerned about the huge secret mistake she made that was bound to bring about their. So much drama, so much suspense.

The Alpha's Concubine Novel by Baby Charlene
The Alpha’s Concubine Novel by Baby Charlene

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