The Alpha’s Mistress Novel by JP Sina

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The Alpha’s Mistress Novel Summary.

Amia grows up in an abused household with her mother and stepfather. He’s a drunk and physically abuses her mom and her.

Amia starts seeing warning signs in her boyfriend, but ignores the signs until it’s too late. Her two best friends are by her side and try to help her, but it’s really up to her to do what needs to be done.

She has a meeting with a mysterious stranger at a cafe who gives her an offer and tells her the truth about herself that she didn’t want to know.

After a night at her best friends house, she goes to the lake and meets the Alpha that got her beaten up by her boyfriend. He gives her an offer that sounds much more inticing than the one that the stranger at the cafe offered.

She takes his offer and goes to his pack only to find out he wants her there as his mistress. A messenger is sent to his packlands to tell him he needs to let her go or go to war.

Amia doesn’t know that there were two letters that promised war. One from her family and one from the King of the Vampires.

The Alpha's Mistress Novel by JP Sina
The Alpha’s Mistress Novel by JP Sina

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