My Foreign Husband Novel by unlessyouremad

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My Foreign Husband Novel Summary.

Suzane Johnson is an ambitious woman who hides a lot of secrets. One of these secrets is why your family believes that she would not be able to marry a man.

With the marriage scheduled, Suzane is betrayed, so she desperately needs to find a man to prove to her family that her past has no influence on her love life.

Therefore, after saving the life of a fugitive foreigner from the mafia, she proposes to him a marriage contract, guaranteeing the man a Green Card, and that his family never discovers that she no longer has a groom.

However, Suzy’s past returns, and when her new husband needs to face the criminal organization that pursues him, they realize that they are much more similar than they imagined.

My Foreign Husband Novel by unlessyouremad
My Foreign Husband Novel by unlessyouremad

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