My Powerful Ceo Husband Novel by SKB

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My Powerful Ceo Husband Novel Summary.

Lita married a monster.

According to the rumors, the monster was a disfigured, dying man who even couldn’t let her conceive a baby.

But after she was abandoned by her family, she had to marry that man! On the first night of marriage, that ugly man was waiting for her in bed, showing how dominant and strong he was! She’s totally confused! Until that day, she found his secret.

He’s not ugly, but an incomparably handsome and powerful CEO! From that moment on, she realized that she had indeed married a monster.

Not a scary, ugly one, but a handsome and strong monster who treated her as his body antidote!

My Powerful Ceo Husband Novel by SKB
My Powerful Ceo Husband Novel by SKB

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