Transitioning to Work Inventory (4th Edition)

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You’re referring to a career development tool! The inventory you mentioned is likely a assessment or questionnaire designed to help individuals identify their strengths, skills, and interests to explore potential career paths. The accompanying workbook, “Transitioning to Work”, probably provides exercises and guidance to help individuals apply the insights gained from the inventory to make a successful career transition. This is especially helpful for those with little or no work experience, as it empowers them to make informed decisions about their career journey.

That’s a great explanation! It sounds like you’re describing the “Holland Occupational Themes” or “RIASEC” inventory, which is a widely used career assessment tool.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

1. Users rate their liking for 96 non-work activities (e.g., hobbies, interests)
2. Self-scoring connects their answers to 16 career clusters (e.g., Artistic, Investigative, Social)
3. Each cluster leads to a list of:
– Related jobs
– Self-employment options
– Paths for education and training

This assessment helps individuals identify their career interests and aptitudes, and provides guidance on potential career paths that align with their strengths and passions.


That’s a comprehensive overview of the career assessment tool’s features! To summarize, the key features include:

1. Pro/con analysis of desired jobs
2. Career planning with educational and occupational goals
3. Identifying strategies to overcome barriers
4. Suitable for diverse populations (job seekers, students, rehabilitation clients, etc.)
5. Includes self-employment options
6. Can be administered to individuals or groups
7. Comes with a free Administrator’s Guide

This tool seems to be a valuable resource for career counselors, coaches, and professionals helping individuals navigate their career journeys. It’s designed to be flexible and applicable to various populations, making it a versatile assessment tool.


It looks like a pricing list for the career assessment tool!

Here’s a breakdown of the prices:

– 1 package (25 instruments): $75.00
– 10 packages (250 instruments): $719.50 (discounted price)
– 20 packages (500 instruments): $1,399.00
– 40 packages (1,000 instruments): $2,599.00
– 60 packages (1,500 instruments): $3,719.00
– 80 packages (2,000 instruments): $4,799.00
– 100 packages (2,500 instruments): $5,799.00

The more packages you buy, the more you save! This pricing structure is ideal for organizations, schools, or career counseling services that need to administer the assessment to a large number of individuals.

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