How to Get Moniepoint POS Machine 2024 [Fully Explained]

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How to Get Moniepoint POS Machine 2024: Welcome to where we guide you through the ever-evolving world of digital transactions in Nigeria.

Here is the information on how to acquire and utilize a Moniepoint POS machine

– Acquiring a Moniepoint POS Machine:
To acquire a Moniepoint POS machine, you will need to first create a business account and log in. Then, request a new POS and fund your account with a minimum of ₦21,500 for the POS terminal.

– Cost and Charges: The cost of acquiring a Moniepoint POS machine is ₦21,500, which covers a ₦10,000 caution fee, ₦10,000 logistics fee, and ₦1,500 insurance fee for one year. Moniepoint charges 0.5% per transaction capped at 100 Naira.

– Customer Service: Moniepoint has excellent customer service, with a dedicated WhatsApp group for agents. This group is helpful in the fast resolution of dispute errors and getting answers to issues in the line of work.

– Durability: Moniepoint POS machines are durable, with decent battery life. Electronic devices can be prone to damage due to different reasons, but the POS terminals from Moniepoint are durable.

– Features:
Moniepoint POS machines offer various features, including:
Bank Transfer
Bills Payment

– How to Utilize:
To utilize a Moniepoint POS machine, you will need to follow these steps:
Create a business account and log in
Request a new POS
Fund your account and pay for the terminal
Get your POS delivered within 48 hours
Train on how to use the terminal and get answers to any questions you may have


Thank you for sharing this informative post about Moniepoint POS machines! Here’s a summary of the key points:


– Low fees
– Ease of use
– Robust customer support
– Reliability and efficiency in transactions

Eligibility Criteria:

– Active Moniepoint account
– Valid bank account
– Bank Verification Number (BVN)
– Valid means of identification
– Recent utility bill
– Registered business
– Bank account statement

Application Process:

1. Visit Moniepoint website or nearest office
2. Fill out application form with accurate business details
3. Submit necessary documents

Fees and Charges:

– Competitive fees based on transactions
– Charges range from N6.2 to N20 per transaction
– Commissions for various services (e.g., DSTV, GOTv, StarTimes, data top-up)


Adopting a Moniepoint POS machine is a smart move for Nigerian businesses looking to thrive in the digital economy. The process is straightforward, and the benefits are immense, including streamlined transactions, customer trust, and enhanced business efficiency.

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