His Twisted Obsession Novel by Janeth Green

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His Twisted Obsession Novel Summary.


Jane gulped as a silhouette started taking slow steps towards Jane, like a predator to its prey. The light from the night lamp fell on his sharp features making them clearer gradually.

“Ad..Adrian ..You ?” Jane was dumbfounded seeing the person standing in front of her. She felt her anxiety rising looking at his predatory eyes.

“Why don’t you love me, Jane ?” His slurry voice gave a clear indication of his drunken state.

” Adrian, listen to me.. pl .. please”. Jane pleaded urgently. She felt terrified to the core realizing Adrian wasn’t in his senses.

He smirked. But it wasn’t his normal one. His face was showing disappointment, rage, and amorous lust. His desire to claim her was so strong that anyone could see it through his eyes.

” You … you don’t love me right? You will never love me right? Today I will show you how to love…”

Jane could fight for herself. But how long?

What happens when two people poles apart meet for the very first time? Spark flies, vibe generates, magical right? But too bad if all of these are just one sided.

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Join the roller coaster ride of Adrian and Jane where passion will be stronger than ever, Love will blossom, Jealousy will burn the soul, Hatred will be born and something intense will start spreading its web.

Will it be able to make its place into the other one’s heart? Or will it end up causing the ultimate catastrophic destruction?

His Twisted Obsession Novel by Janeth Green
His Twisted Obsession Novel by Janeth Green

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