Calm down! Omega! Novel by Ashlie_writes

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Calm down! Omega! Novel Summary.

It’s always been this way. nothing is going to change! if I’m so special then why am I being controlled around like some puppet?

‘This alliance is beneficial for you too honey’yeah right! ‘You’re the rarest type of omega so everyone wants you. but in the end you’re still just an omega,

an Alpha’s bitch’ I’ll show you who the bitch is! ‘You’re beautiful, kind, silly and mischievous. why wouldn’t I want you?’ then what’s stopping you from having me?

How many times do I have to go through hurt? I’m not some silly weak omega. I will fight for what I want! And I will get what I want.

Calm down! Omega! Novel by Ashlie_writes
Calm down! Omega! Novel by Ashlie_writes

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