Billionaire In Disguise Novel by Baby_Nûella

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Billionaire In Disguise Novel Summary.

Elvis once fell in love, but vowed never to do so again, when he encountered his first broke up. Fortunately, he met Maria who was working in his father’s company.

He quickly and unexpectedly, fell in love with her. It was so unfortunate that Maria didn’t see the green light he tends to offer. She criticized and maltreated him to the detriment of hatred.

Elvis solemnly declined letting her go. He converted being her driver to her Chef. Elvis never sees the need of revealing his personality until he achieves his goal.

After Maria’s boyfriend Raymond broke up with her, she hopped on another relationship with a Chinese ambassador in the USA, Kelvin.

She’s is not contented with Kelvin’s behaviour who is a womaniser. She gave a fuck and instantly broke up with him.

After which she caught him on bed with another lady. Mr Roger an affluent politician plans to kill Elvis’ father, Mr Desmond for his greediness and selfish interest of taking away his late brother’s will from him.

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He succeeded in killing him and took his brother’s will which belongs to Mr Desmond. Elvis who trace the origin of his father’s death came to understand that Mr Roger was responsible for that.

Elvis seeking for justice is later being hunted by Mr Roger for the fear that he might divulge his secret deeds to the society.

Maria, who had by now come to her right senses now sees that Elvis loves her so dearly, despite the fact that she has been looking down on him,

he didn’t reject her as she came back. Mr Roger after several attempts of trying to kill Elvis failed, kidnapped Maria using her as a bait to get Elvis into his trap.

Find out from the unfolding events if Mr Roger would succeed in killing him……???

Billionaire In Disguise Novel by Baby_Nûella
Billionaire In Disguise Novel by Baby_Nûella

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