A Second Chance Novel by Amal A. Usman

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A Second Chance Novel Summary.

“Why can’t I fucking hit you?” Thomas shouts as he hits the belt hard against the floor. He bends down to my level and pulls my chin up to stare at him.

“I want to inflict pain on you, Melina, but I fucking can’t. Tell me why I fucking can’t. Tell me why” He hits the belt beside the ground close to me as he shouts each word into my face.

My eyes are sealed as I wait for when he doesn’t miss and finally hits me. “Fucking open your eyes” He presses my jaw hard, which forces me to open my eyes.

“I am- so-r-r-r-y” My whole body is quivering in fear as his eyes bore holes into my head. “Fucking shut up” I seal my lips shut and try to calm myself,

so I can stop crying. “Did you think it would work? Did you actually think you could get me arrested and you could run away? Are you that fucking dumb, Melina?”

Melina Davis was born with the face and body of a goddess. Her heart was as beautiful as her, but it never did her any good.

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Melina was the most unlucky woman in this world when it came to love. Her first love was an abusive con artist who made sure to exploit Melina’s kindness.

The second one who Melina felt was genuinely worthy of owing her heart was far more dangerous than her first. His name is Thomas Costanzo.

He is the second in command of the Costanzo mafia. He was highly feared in the mafia world. Some even feared him more than the don of the Costanzo mafia.

Melina didn’t know she shouldn’t cross him, and she did. She broke the heart of one of the most feared men on this earth, and now,

he is out searching for her. Once he finds her, Melina will wish she never crossed paths with him.

A Second Chance Novel by Amal A. Usman
A Second Chance Novel by Amal A. Usman

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