ZARAMANNI Novel by Lola Ben

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ZARAMANNI Novel Summary.

“A man’s touch should never scare you.” His voice called for her attention and she gave it to him. “A man’s touch is something you are meant to enjoy.

It will fulfill all your desires and protect you no matter what.” “If she dies, he dies. So will his wolf.”

High school was rough for Zaramanni who has features that are strange to other humans. Just when she was about to forget about her past that almost killed her,

just when she was ready to open a new chapter in her boring life, she is pulled into a new world. When her soul is suddenly connected with the wolfless Alpha King of Zenrada,

she becomes an open target for fairies and she finds her real identity as a half-fairy. Her stay in that strange universe gets riddled with strange occurrences, an unexpected mate bond,

attempts to take her life and never-ending supernatural drama. But her stay in that universe may not be a terrible thing as she thought it would be.

Asides from having powers others can only dream about, she learns what it means to be loved and to be touched by a man in ways she could never imagine.

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Her once boring life finally became fun and for once, living became bearable.

ZARAMANNI Novel by Lola Ben
ZARAMANNI Novel by Lola Ben

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