You Promised Me, Alpha! Novel by Flor_Bhoedoe_Balai

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You Promised Me, Alpha! Novel Summary.

Never make a promise you can’t keep. Everyone should know that, including Alpha Romero, Eclipse Howl’s most beloved future leader.

We were just cubs when I saved his life. He promised me then that he would one day make me his Luna and love me unconditionally.

And I have waited all these years, even though he has become a magnificent Alpha. Countless horny she-wolves swarm around him, dreaming of being chosen by him next year.

Alpha Romero seems to have forgotten me and his promise. But I wait patiently and silently for his twenty-first birthday, when he should find his destiny mate.

In the meantime, I’ll get rid of all my rivals, so it won’t matter if he starts to doubt himself when all his lovers suddenly disappear from the face of the earth.

And on the eve of his departure for Alpha training, he makes sweet love to me, the only woman who has any right to be in his arms.

And I keep waiting for his return, the quiet girl in the pack that everyone overlooks, the promised Luna of the Eclipse Howl Pack with the Alpha triplets.

You Promised Me, Alpha! Novel by Flor_Bhoedoe_Balai
You Promised Me, Alpha! Novel by Flor_Bhoedoe_Balai

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