You LIGHT Up My Life Novel by ShineeSunshine

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You LIGHT Up My Life Novel Summary.

ARTHIT Arjun Kashyap (Sun) is a 25 years old , First born of the set of Quadruplets , A very hardworking , dedicated and handsome Doctor who loves his family But BEAST in character DARIKA Saran (Moon) is an 18 years old girl who doesn’t have any knowledge about the Cruelty of this world In Simple Words , She is a naive ,

innocent BEAUTY but has sharp tongue that can kill you without touching you. TinTin , A Street dog and love rival of Arthit And there’s a lots of humourous twist in the story.

How will Beauty survive when BEAST claim her without any consent Or Beast will surrender before BEAUTY? What will Beast do When he try to forget his first love ? His Twinkle.

Will Darika be a replacement for Arthit ? Will he ever be able to love Darika wholeheartedly ? This is a Journey Of Arthit and His unquestionable and Unconditional love for Darika.

This is a Humorous Romantic story of Sun and Moon aka BEAUTY and The BEAST in a different style.

You LIGHT Up My Life Novel by ShineeSunshine
You LIGHT Up My Life Novel by ShineeSunshine

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