Years Accompanied by Demons Novel by Morning dew

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Years Accompanied by Demons Novel Summary.

The most beautiful memory in the world of love is that every young girl hopes to meet true love, but Eleanor’s love is winding and unfortunate.

Her boyfriend Logan is a man with a family, and she has become a third party. She only learned the truth after being threatened by Lawrence Willow.

Stella is Logan’s wife, Lawrence Willow is Stella’s sister, Alpha of the werewolf. In order to help Stella, he found Eleanor and threatened her.

When Eleanor was still a child, she remembered her neighbor Mrs. Howard grabbing her husband and other women together.

The people in the town cursed the woman who ruined other people’s families and marriages. However, due to Logan’s deception, Eleanor became the most annoying person.

After learning all the truth, Eleanor was unable to continue this relationship. But things are not that simple The appearance of Lawrence Willow changed Eleanor’s life. How was she manipulated by fate?

Years Accompanied by Demons Novel by Morning dew
Years Accompanied by Demons Novel by Morning dew

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