Yandere Vs Yandere Novel

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Yandere Vs Yandere Novel Summary

The two rising stars of the empire. The once-in-a-millennium wizard, and the incarnation of the war goddess knight.

With family, society, history, and even gods as their obstacles, the stone-cold wizard and the fiery-hot knight wage a war of love that would sweep up the entire world.

Their twisted desire would mercilessly annihilate anything that comes in the way of their love.

And their targets? Each other.

The road to love was one laden with thorns. Would these two geniuses be genial enough to understand each other’s desires? Or would they be left stranded in the sea of misunderstandings without the boat called social skills?

Yandere Vs Yandere Novel
Yandere Vs Yandere Novel

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