Wrong Desire Novel by Author Augustine C

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Wrong Desire Novel Summary.

Hero: William (18 yrs old, college student, rude, ruthless, tattoos and super handsome) Heroin: Crystal (18 yrs old, college student, good girl, beautiful and shy) PLOT: Beginning:

William is going to college, starting his new journey on campus. He has been looking forward to it too long. he meets his new roommate, James. he is outgoing and has made lots of friends here already.

James asks William if he will join their party next week. William agrees to join them after thinking. Development: Those young people have fun at the party, drinking and dancing.

William meets Crystal at the party. Then someone proposes to play Truth or Dare. Then it is Williams turn. he refuses to answer the Truth question “Is he still a saint” and chooses Dare.

But he needs to kiss Crystal. William regrets coming to the party after the kiss. he can’t believe he kissed a strange girl there. he even thinks he is cheating on his girlfriend back at home town who is one year younger than him.

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Few days later, William asks Crystal out for fun. They know more about each other and find they have feelings for each other.  

Climax: Crystal’s boyfriend comes to visit her and finds something strange between Crystal and William. He breaks up with Crystal. Crystal is so sad.

William confesses to her officially and she agrees to be his girlfriend. But someday Crystal receives an encrypted video. She watches it and gets to know William bets on that he will make Crystal his girlfriend with his friends.

Crystal thinks she is mocked by William and can’t believe all he did is just a prank. She avoids seeing him.

Ending: William hasn’t seen Crystal for so long and finally convinces her to have a private talk with him. William explains everything and confesses to her again. Happy ending.

Wrong Desire Novel by Author Augustine C
Wrong Desire Novel by Author Augustine C

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