Who’s the Legal Wife? Novel by Veronica

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Who’s the Legal Wife? Novel Summary.

Warning Matured Scenes Rated +18 “Because it has been two years since you and Mr. Leo separated,

your admirers and fans are wondering whether you have moved on and if you are seeking another life partner.” The interviewer asked. “For the time being, I’m not searching for a new relationship considering Leo and I haven’t officially divorced.

I did not attempt an annulment of my marriage. I also have no intention of filing for divorce.” I will not divorce him because I do not want him to be happy with his mistress. I won’t let them be happy.

They will suffer in the same way that I did. No one is going to have a happy-ever-after ending. Leopold Fontaine, my billionaire husband, who had an affair with someone else.

I’m quite informed that he didn’t marry me because we were in love with each other, and that the marriage was solely for the sake of our respective businesses.

Nevertheless, I agreed to the marriage because I adored him and because I was still his wife on paper—I am not going to allow anybody else to live in my home without my permission.

Who's the Legal Wife? Novel by Veronica
Who’s the Legal Wife? Novel by Veronica

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