Who is My Son’s Father? Novel by Black Unicorn

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Who is My Son’s Father? Novel Summary.

Even though I didn’t want to live, I had to live for the smile that awaits my return every day—Jannice White.

My life looks so perfect. Born into a wealthy family and has such a beautiful and good fiancée. However, somehow I felt that there was a big thing that I had forgotten.

I feel like this is not my real life—Aldrich Foster Horrison. Jannice is a single parent who has to fight hard for her life. Only living alone with her son, Ace, and without a husband makes her often the gossip of many people.

Until one day, fate leads her to meet Aldrich, a wealthy man who always looks at her with a look that gives her goosebumps.

Jannice tries to avoid Aldrich because she doesn’t want her life to be chaotic due to an intersection with someone from a wealthy family.

However, it turns out that fate continues to bring her together with Aldrich. In fact, Ace quickly got along with him. Whereas before, Ace was very difficult to open up with new people.

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Like Ace, Aldrich felt the same way. He felt a closeness with the five-year-old boy. Aldrich, who was curious, finally continued to look for information about Ace and Jannice.

What reality did Aldrich finally know? Do the two of them really have anything to do with Aldrich’s forgotten past?

Who is My Son's Father? Novel by Black Unicorn
Who is My Son’s Father? Novel by Black Unicorn

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