When Love Comes Late Novel by Fifine Schwan

If you appreciate amazing novels, you won’t want to overlook this interesting novel titled, When Love Comes Late by Fifine Schwan.

When Love Comes Late Novel Summary.

In order to fulfill her grandfather’s last wish, Stella entered into a hasty marriage with an ordinary man she had never met before.

However, even after becoming husband and wife on paper, they each led separate lives, barely crossing paths. A year later, Stella returned to Seamarsh City, hoping to finally meet her mysterious husband.

To her astonishment, he sent her a text message, unexpectedly pleading for a divorce without ever having met her in person. Gritting her teeth, Stella replied,

“So be it. Let’s get a divorce!” Following that, Stella made a bold move and joined the Prosperity Group, where she became a public relations officer that worked directly for the company’s CEO, Matthew.

The handsome and enigmatic CEO was already bound in matrimony, and was known to be unwaveringly devoted to his wife in private.

Unbeknownst to Stella, her mysterious husband was actually her boss, in his alternate identity! Determined to focus on her career, Stella deliberately kept her distance from the CEO, although she couldn’t help but notice his deliberate attempts to get close to her.

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As time went on, her elusive husband had a change of heart. He suddenly refused to proceed with the divorce.

When would his alternate identity be uncovered? Amidst a tumultuous blend of deception and profound love, what destiny awaited them?.

When Love Comes Late Novel by Fifine Schwan
When Love Comes Late Novel by Fifine Schwan

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