Wheaton College Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions 

Those prospective students seeking the Wheaton college as their first option of Military school should pay attention to the Wheaton college acceptance rate, prerequisites, and application process. 

The Wheaton college, which is in Norton, Massachusetts, is a moderately selective institution and the Wheaton college acceptance rate is 87%. 

Everyone has a good chance of getting into The Wheaton because of its streamlined admissions process, which only requires that they meet its standards. 

The Wheaton is ranked #315 on the 2022 Best Colleges list by College Factual Ranking out of 2,576 colleges and universities nationwide. It now ranks among the top 15% of all American universities. 

It is suggested as a starting point for academic advancement due to its generally above-average admission rate, we have outlined how you can stand out amidst the Wheaton College acceptance rate in this post.

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What to know about Wheaton College? 

Private liberal arts college Wheaton College is situated in Norton, Massachusetts. Boston, Providence, and Cape Cod are all within reasonable driving distance of the 400-acre campus. 

Students come from all 50 states as well as almost 70 different nations. More than 40 majors and 50 minors are available to Wheaton students, and the college’s curriculum is built to encourage students to draw connections between lessons in many subject areas. 

A student-to-teacher ratio of 10 to 1 and an average class size of 15 to 20 boost academics. With more than 90 student clubs and organizations, campus life is vibrant. 

The NCAA Division III New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference (NEWMAC) is where the Wheaton College Lyons compete in most sports. There are also 21 intercollegiate teams at the college.

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What is the Wheaton College Acceptance Rate? 

The average admission percentage for applicants who want to enroll at The Wheaton as students is 87%. Although they use a holistic approach to admissions, admissions are tough. 

You can enroll at Wheaton by simply following the admissions procedures and demonstrating your moral character. 

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What is Wheaton College Transfer Acceptance Rate? 

Beginning with the fall semester, transfer students are accepted into the corps, and beginning with the fall and spring semesters, they are enrolled into non-cadet programs. 

There were 138 enrolled transfer students out of 217 total, a respectable average of 63.59%. 

Since 3% of The Wheaton’s student body is made up of transfer students, you probably won’t be alone.

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Is Wheaton College hard to get into? 

87% of applicants are accepted at Wheaton College. For the lowest acceptance rate in Illinois, it is ranked number 51. 

Moreover, If you meet the admissions requirements, you have a very strong probability of being accepted at Wheaton College. Out of 1,801 candidates, 1,566 were accepted the previous year. 

The institution has very strict SAT and ACT admission standards, typically admitting students with scores in the top 20% (SAT 1210/1450 ACT 26/32). 

Also with an average GPA of 3.81 and an acceptance rate of “A-” students, Wheaton College often draws these pupils. 

The majority of first-year students graduate in the top 25% of their high school class. 31% of applicants who were given the option to enroll did so.

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Does Wheaton College Require Test Scores?

SAT Requirements

The top 23% of SAT test takers are often preferred by Wheaton College for admission. Below 1210 on a 1600-point scale, the school routinely accepts SAT composite scores, and admission should be regarded as a stretch. 

We predict that some students with SAT scores as low as 1090 might be accepted. For freshmen accepted, the average SAT composite score is 1330 out of 1600. 

For the greatest average SAT composite score in the country, Wheaton College comes in at #98 overall and #4 in Illinois. The school receives the SAT scores from 60% of applicants.

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ACT Requirements 

According to admissions data, Wheaton College frequently admits applicants with ACT scores of 26 and higher. Top 18 percent of the nation’s ACT scores are routinely provided by successful applicants. 

We believe that in some cases, the minimum ACT composite score accepted by the school is around 23. Students who submit an ACT composite of 29 or higher should rank in the top half of applicants, and those with scores of 32 and higher have excellent odds. 

The school has the greatest average ACT composite score in the country, coming in at #110 overall and #5 in Illinois. ACT scores are provided by 58 percent of applicants to Wheaton College.

Wheaton College GPA Requirements in 2023

With a GPA of 3.44, Wheaton College requires you to be around average in your high school class. You’re going to need a mix of A’s and B’s, and very few C’s. You can make up for your low grade by taking more challenging courses, like Advanced Placement or IB.

In terms of the highest average GPA in Illinois, the school is ranked #5. You have a very good chance of getting into Wheaton College if your high school grades are better than the typical 3.81 GPA. This is because 87% of applicants are accepted.

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What are the Admission Requirements for Wheaton College? 

On their website, the school states that they “aim to determine acceptance through a thorough review of each applicant’s character, maturity, motivation, readiness for college, amenability to a disciplined lifestyle, emotional stability, and potential to contribute to cadet life.

For consideration for admission, the following would be necessary. 

  • The college has a thorough admissions process that calls for an average GPA of 3.68 and a SAT score of 1118. 
  • Successful candidates will also have completed a demanding high school curriculum that consists of four units of English and math, three units of laboratory science and social science, two units of the same world language, one unit of fine arts, one unit of physical education or ROTC, and two units of electives. 
  • Cost of application: $40

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Transfer Requirements for Wheaton College 

The high acceptance rate at The Wheaton is largely a result of its welcoming and open environment.

The college provides a wide range of undergraduate courses to all students, including those who are transfer students. 

Here is a list of entrance requirements for transfers without any special restrictions or variations in teaching. 

  • Transfer students must have completed high school or have a GED. 
  • must include the application money and a completed application for admission. 
  • For the purpose of evaluating academic performance, a high school transcript must be provided (coursework and grades). Schools can offer transcripts by utilizing different official digital credentialing systems.
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 2.50 on a 4.00 scale and at least 24 hours of college credit are necessary for transfer applicants (a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for consideration). While enrolled in classes that are comparable to those provided at The Wheaton, this is. 
  • Less than two full semesters of college coursework will be taken into consideration for applicants on a case-by-case basis. Transcripts from an accredited college must be sent to the admissions office. 
  • The surgeon of The Wheaton’s endorsement for health. Here are the forms. 
  • Married people are not eligible.

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How to Apply to Wheaton College

There may be differences in the entrance standards for undergraduate and graduate programs at Wheaton College. Therefore, in order to apply to Martin, you must take the following actions: 

  • To fill out the online application form, register at the university’s application portal. 
  • the results of the English language competence exam 
  • Upload the certified transcripts from your secondary, high school, or college through the relevant institution. 
  • Get the transcripts assessed in English by recognized organizations. 
  • provide any more required paperwork. 
  • Pay the application cost, which is nonrefundable.

Note: University or common application portals are available for submission of applications. 

Application fees for undergraduate students are USD 59.68 (INR 4,656) while graduate applicants are USD 29.48 (INR 2,300).

What are the Alternatives to Wheaton College?

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In order to help students build their resumes, develop practical skills, and improve their readiness to enter the workforce, Wheaton College offers a range of internship options. The college’s numerous departments frequently post information on internal and external internships. Moreover, Wheaton frequently offers internships over the summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wheaton College prefer the SAT or the ACT?

60% of students submit SAT scores to Wheaton College. 58% of applicants submit ACT scores when applying.

What are my chances of getting into Wheaton College?

87% of applicants get admission to Wheaton College. Admissions are competitive and universities have exceptional admissions standards. Check your grades and grades to see if they are good enough for admission.

What SAT scores are required for Wheaton College?

The middle 50% of admitted applicants have SAT scores between 1210 and 1450. 60% of students submit her SAT scores when applying. Check if your SAT score is good enough for admission.

What ACT score do you need for Wheaton College?

The middle 50% of admitted applicants have ACT scores between 26 and 32. 58% of students submit ACT scores when applying. Check if your ACT score is good enough for admission.


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