What My Body Wants Novel by Kiss Leilani

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What My Body Wants Novel Summary.

Rosianna Bells and Santos Hathaway had a rocky start, growing up as rivals and constantly at each other’s throats.

However, one heated argument changed everything when Santos revealed that he would be leaving the country for two years.

In the heat of the moment, Rosianna confessed her love for Santos and offered him her virginity, which Santos declined out of respect.

Instead, he promised to do right by her when he returned. Rosianna promised to love Santos and wait for him, but as soon as he traveled, she transformed into a completely different person.

Santos got proof that she slept with his best friend, and it broke his heart. So, he stayed away, too hurt and angry to face her.

Six years passed, and Santos received news that his father was hospitalized and on the brink of death. He knew that he couldn’t stay away any longer, and so he returned home.

Despite his anger, Santos didn’t forget the promise that Rosianna made to him all those years ago.


She promised him her body. And, no matter how much he hated her, he was determined to collect she owed him.

What My Body Wants Novel by Kiss Leilani
What My Body Wants Novel by Kiss Leilani

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