What Is Love? Novel by Sylvia Plath

Make sure you don’t overlook this interesting novel titled, What Is Love? by Sylvia Plath.

What Is Love? Novel Summary.

Stormi Lewis doesn’t believe in love. How could she, if she’s never been in love or had any good examples of love? She’s a junior in high school who hasn’t had her first boyfriend, nevermind her first kiss.

Love pretty much seems imaginary to her. Adam Gonzolez is all about love. He’s a hopeless romantic. He believes in love and knows that the right person is out there for him.

He has a girlfriend, but something’s off. He’s not sure that they’re right for each other, or if he’s even in love with her. These two are in two completely different worlds.

They have never met each other. What happens when the only thing that connects them brings them together?

What Is Love? Novel by Sylvia Plath
What Is Love? Novel by Sylvia Plath

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