What Have You Done!!! Novel by River

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What Have You Done!!! Novel Summary.

Just when I thought my life went back to normal it takes a shocking turn. “Babe where are you,” He said as he looked around holding a gun in his right hand.

I hide from him as much as possible then make my escape as soon as I have a chance. As I breathe heavy then hold it so I don’t give myself away. I guess that is what I did because I wince at the pain and the sound of my back hitting the wall.

He put his face near mine, I watched as his eyes began to wander around my face then stare at my lips. “Why do you have to be one, my victims…” He said with a smirk on his face. Oh please someone come and save me as a tear ran down my face.

Bella is an awkward girl no one wants to hang out with her. People have been calling her names even a bad word but never shows her emotion in public but at home cry a lot.

Until she met 2 guys who change her world and life for good and on a girl who might be her friend…….or not. She also has a secret and so does her beat friend.

What Have You Done!!! Novel by River
What Have You Done!!! Novel by River

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