Western Washington University Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

Western Washington University Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

The Western Washington University acceptance rate is on a high percentage with an acceptance rate of 93.5%


This indicates that 94 out of every 100 applicants were accepted.

The Western Washington University acceptance rate ranks number 20 in washington.

Apart from knowing about Western Washington University acceptance rate, there are some key things to know about the school which would also be included in the article.

What To Know About Western Washington University?

Bellingham, Washington is home to Western Washington University.

Numerous bachelor’s and master’s degrees are offered by the institution.

In 2022, there were 16,142 students enrolled full-time, 15,240 of them were undergraduates, and 664 full-time teaching members.

Its sporting teams compete in division II of the national collegiate athletic association and go by the name of vikings.

The main campus is located on 215 acres in Bellingham, Washington.

The site is home to a number of facilities, including a wind tunnel, an electron microscope, a neutron generating lab, a motor vehicle research lab, a marine research lab, an air pollution lab, and others.

There are branch campuses in both Anacortes and Lakewood, Washington.

The university has received accreditation from the northwest commission on colleges and universities.

Additional accreditation is held by particular colleges.

What Is Western Washington Acceptance Rate?

The Western Washington University acceptance rate is less competitive, with an acceptance rate of 96% and a rate of 98% for early acceptance.

Within the Western Washington University acceptance rate for half of the candidates which would also be explained later.

However, 25% of those who were selected had scores that exceeded these ceilings, while 25% had scores below them.

What is Western Washington University Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Admission consideration is granted to Washington state residents who transfer straight from a community college there, which means the Western Washington University Acceptance rate also depends on the location you are accepting from.

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1,730 pupils were accepted to the institution out of the 2,212 applicants.

This means Western Washington University acceptance rate for transfer students sits at 78%.

Transfer students who completed the standards for admission may feel less anxious about admittance given this acceptance rate’s high acceptance rate.

Additionally, 1165 of the 1896 approved transfer students actually enrolled, increasing the yield to 61.45%.

If you have thus far complied with the prerequisites necessary for transfer students, you may consider transferring to this esteemed university.

Is Western Washington Hard To Get Into?

The Western Washington University acceptance rate is of a very high percentage of 93.5%.

This indicates that Western Washington University accepts 94 out of every 100 applications.

Consequently, Western Washington University has a very low level of selection.

The school will have expectations for gpa and sat/act scores.

If you meet their requirements, there is a good chance that you will be given an offer of admission.

But if you don’t meet Western Washington University’s requirements, you’ll be one of the unfortunate ones that gets rejected.

The Western Washington University acceptance rate rises each year, which is a very encouraging sign for admission.

Does Western Washington University Require Test Scores?

Western Washington University is one of the universities where tests are optional in the western application process. 

For Western Washington University acceptance rate, test results are not necessary in order to apply for admission into the university.

The institution will carefully review your application and take into account your test results if you choose to submit them.

The institution will evaluate your transcripts, cv of activities, essay, and personal statements, among other resources.

Your application for admission will be given full consideration for admissions and merit scholarships whether or not your test score is on file.

Test scores are a prerequisite for Western Washington University acceptance rate.

What Are The Admission Requirements For Western Washington University?

To be able to be within Western Washington University acceptance rate, there are some admission requirements that need to be met.

In the state of washington, first-year applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

A high grade point average and successful completion of the academic requirements of the college are needed for distribution.

During their senior year of high school, students must successfully finish a quantitative math course for credit.

If a student has successfully completed a higher-level math course (such as calculus, math analysis, or pre-calculus) before their senior year, they are exempt from the requirement for a quantitative course in that year.

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The submission of sat or act results is not required for admission to Western Washington University.

Test results are optional, however if you submit them with your application, they will be taken into consideration.

The university admissions office will examine your application essays while determining whether or not to admit you to the program.

Make sure your essays are well-written, authentic, and engaging from start to finish.

Use a hook in the introduction to engage the reader, and make sure the essay is well-organized and devoid of grammatical errors to boost your application profile.

Requirements for international students for admission include the following;

Completed application and official English-language transcripts delivered directly to the university by the awarding college or school

English certified translations, if required.

Essay demonstrating sufficient financing, showcasing one’s professional, academic, and pertinent experience objectives english language proficiency.

Once all these requirements are met, you are within Western Washington University acceptance rate.

What Are The Transfer Requirements For Western Washington University?

We are going to be listing the Western Washington University acceptance rate for transfer students.

1)Good GPA.

The minimum requirements for transfer admission are a 2.00 cumulative transferable gpa and a 2.00 in the quarters before application assessment and enrollment.

In light of the fact that there are more qualified applicants than there are open enrollment seats, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Getting a good gpa is going to give you an upper hand when determining Western Washington University acceptance rate.

2)Associate Degree.

Obtain an associate’s degree from a seattle college that can be transferred (an associate of arts, an associate of science, or an MRP).

This is one of the important requirements when thinking of Western Washington University acceptance rate.


You must submit transcripts from any post-secondary schools you have ever attended.

If you acquired credit outside of the United States or Canada, the admissions committee may additionally request an official transcript review from a naces member institution (

4)English Composition. 

Complete english composition I (eng 101) and english composition II (eng102).

5)Undergraduate Application.

Submit an international undergraduate application for admission by the term’s application deadline.

6)Bank Statement 

A valid bank statement must be provided, along with a signed statement of financial responsibility.

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into Western Washington University?

In order to be admitted to Western Washington University, you will need a 3.46 GPA and be in the upper third of your high school class.

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Most of the A and B grades, as well as a minimal amount of Cs, should be available. You can make up for a poor grade point average by enrolling in difficult courses such as ap or ib. This will confirm that you are able to take classes at the university and increase your grade point average.

The Western Washington University acceptance rate also depends on your gpa, low gpa reduces your chances of getting in.

How To Apply To Western Washington University?

When applying to Western Washington University, it is best to know that Western Washington University acceptance rate is on a moderately high level.

You can apply online at the school’s website or in person at a scheduled appointment, where you will need to bring the needed paperwork and pay a one-time $60 application fee.

Alternatives To Western Washington University?

In this article ,we’ll present some additional institutions that are alternatives to Western Washington University and also have a different acceptance rate from Western Washington University acceptance rate.

Here is the list of alternative schools 

1)San Diego State University.

2)University of Washington Tacoma Campus.

3)University of Washington Bothell Campus.

4)University of Portland.

5)Colorado State University Fort Collins.

6)Central Washington University.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1)What Is the Admissions Process Like at Western Washington University?

Western Washington University has a high acceptance rate.

The school is therefore just minimally selective.

The school will has its expected gpa and sat/act score criteria. 

You are likely to receive an offer of admission if you match their prerequisites.

2)Is An Essay Required At Western Washington University?

Most students must reply to the initial essay prompt, though you may address additional prompts if necessary.

Although it is not compulsory, those with a college gpa of 3.0 or higher are urged to write an essay.

3) Is A Letter Of Recommendation Required By Western Washington University?

The addition of letters of reference to your application online or sending them by email are both acceptable methods of submission if you have received one from a teacher or counselor. 

Use the mandatory and optional essays to give us more information about your academic background.

4)How Long Does It Take For Western Washington University To Respond?

While some students receive their notifications earlier, most candidates hear back six to eight weeks after the application deadline. 

We value your patience as we work to ensure that each on-time application is thoroughly examined.


With the help of these few analyses, we were able to discuss Western Washington University Acceptance rate and clarify the admissions process.

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We heartily recommend this university to anyone looking to further their education.

You will receive mentoring support and have access to career services in addition to the school’s high admission rate, allowing you to pursue opportunities, expand your network, and acquire practical experience towards your degree.

There are many opportunities for both professional development and education at Western Washington University.


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