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Hi, my name is Nenye Okanumee and you are welcome to Scholarsly.


Scholarsly is a website designed to update you with the necessary information you need to become a top scholar in your area of specialisation. I feel bad when I see people find it difficult to achieve the goals they desire because they do not have certain information, so I took it to myself to provide you with the information you need to succeed in life.

When I talk about opportunities, I talk about scholarship opportunities, loans and grants or students or undergraduates, study guides, free or affordable online courses, career opportunities, tools you need to succeed as an online person and a whole lot more.

I am excited to be doing this, sharing opportunities online with you. So let’s talk more about what scholarsly is about


There are loads of scholarship opportunities out there. You can attend that dream school you desire. There is an opportunity for you. I will share scholarships as soon as I get the information. The reason most countries provide scholarships is that some countries are underpopulated and need people to come and add to their GDP. They need to source for the best from different p

You can also get grants to study in top universities. When we talk about grants we talk about certain discounts that are given to students that desire to study in certain schools but cannot afford the fee. There are opportunities here too.

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A loan is also available for students that cannot afford the tuition but desire to study and don’t mind repaying (after graduation). It is considered a good option too. We also discuss that here.

Study Guide

It is not advisable to go study a course because your friends are studying it, or because your parents forced you into it. Study a course because you have a passion for it. Study because you know what you want and understand what you are signing up for when you got your acceptance mail.

People gain admission into universities and 2 years into their undergraduate programs they are tired and wish they applied for something else. We shall be discussing things you need to scale high in school guide you through applying for that program. Not everybody is born to be an Engineer, Medical Doctor, Lawyer etc. Some are born to be bloggers.


I shall be talking about jobs too. There are remote jobs that you can get for yourself and get paid. Covid has opened people’s eyes to realise that they can hire people from anywhere in the world without stress. A lot of companies are trying to reduce the cost of running office space hence the notable increase in work from home jobs.

Career Guide

There are tools, applications and devices you need to succeed in certain careers you wish to go into. For instance, freelancers have tools they work with. Medical Doctors have the tools they need to work. So we shall be covering different tools you need to survive in your career. A career guide is designed to guide you through your career.

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Talking about senior colleagues that have succeeded in different faces of life inspires us to aim for higher goals. So we shall be talking about them too.

Welcome to Scholarsly

I am delighted to have you here. Do well to reach out to me if you need to.

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Welcome to Scholarsly!


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