Virgin Princess Novel by Bosy Elselhdar

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Virgin Princess Novel Summary.

My entire life, beginning when I was just two years old, was spent within the walls of a secluded private school.

After the passing of my mother, my father cut all ties of affection and contact with me. I endeavored to comprehend the rationale behind my father’s decision to treat me as if I were not his daughter by sending me away.

Up until the point where I realized I was a beast! Being unable to remember who I was or where I came from, as well as the reason I could shapeshift into a wolf.

Before I met him, everything was a mystery to me! My father’s partner. The most impolite and haughty person, but also extremely attractive and incredibly sexy.

At that point, I decided to give in to him and immediately handed over my whole being to him, including my heart, my body, and my soul. Without having any idea that the Alpha prince is my possible future mate.

Virgin Princess Novel by Bosy Elselhdar
Virgin Princess Novel by Bosy Elselhdar

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