Villain Is on Vacation

The main character in our tale is Rain Holmes. He has intellect, wealth, and good looks. At least in the eyes of the world, rain has everything a person might desire.
Rain, though, is worried. The game’s antagonist is him. It’s called “Saga of the Magical Knight.”

In his prior life, Rain was just another 25-year-old man who had a demanding career. He would return home exhausted, eat dinner, and go to bed, just to repeat the pattern the following day.

Villain Is on Vacation
Villain Is on Vacation

But after a particularly difficult day at work, he was struck by a truck and died, ending himself in the hereafter. However, he was transported into the game rather than arriving in heaven.

Rain initially believed it to be a dream come true. He might play the lead role, lead a wealthy life, and even have stunning heroines at his feet.
The universe, however, had other ideas for him. He was the game’s antagonist.

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Rain thought to himself, “Even after death, I can’t catch a break,” as he recalled the storyline yet another time.

However, the system saved him just as he was about to quit.

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