Vampires’ Obsession Novel by Alphabetical B

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Vampires’ Obsession Novel Summary.

“Who are you?” I asked again, ignoring his care and affection. “I’m ……and I’m just a friend,” he smiled.

His smile tugged at my heart and I can’t believe I’m in the presence of someone this beautiful and breathtaking.

He’s six feet, two inches tall, almost a giant to the short five-foot me. His dimple was one-sided and that made him extra attractive.

I love how his sharp jaw is perfectly shaped to fit his face. He’s so perfectly built that his biceps are almost bulging out of the black shirt that he was putting on.

“How do you feel, Bella?” He asked, pulling me out of my thoughts. His hand landed on my shoulder, trying to force me back to sleep and once it made contact with my skin,

I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach. “You’re perfect Bella, so perfect” After meeting with Adonis for the first night, Bella asked for her memory of the night to be erased so she could forget about

everything that happened that day and Adonis did as she wanted even though it was hard for the 200 years old vampire to let go of his soul mate.

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The only problem was Adonis couldn’t keep off Bella and those memories wouldn’t stop hunting Bella’s dreams every night, especially with the mysterious man who seemed to be stalking her.

Vampires' Obsession Novel by Alphabetical B
Vampires’ Obsession Novel by Alphabetical B

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