University of Pisa DSU Scholarship for Excellent Students

Applications for the 2022 University of Pisa DSU Scholarship are currently being accepted by qualified domestic and international students. The University of Pisa DSU Scholarship is a fully-funded postgraduate scholarship that pays all of the applicants’ tuition costs as well as a sufficient living stipend. Successful candidates are also entitled to complimentary housing and meals in the university dining halls.


The University of Pisa is currently providing full scholarships to qualified domestic and international students who wish to study in Italy.

If they do not already have a qualification of the same level of education, students planning to enrol or already enrolled in a Degree programme at the University of Pisa are also eligible for the scholarship.

Level/Field of Study

This scholarship is a postgraduate scholarship for students vying to further their education in Italy.

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Host Nationality

The DSU Scholarship is funded by the University of Pisa. The University of Pisa is a renowned tertiary institution in Italy.

Eligibility for the DSU Scholarship

To apply for this scholarship you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • If you do not already hold a qualification at the same level of education, you must be planning to enrol or already be enrolled in a degree programme at the University of Pisa.
  • submit all documents that have been translated into Italian.
  • A specific declaration that can be downloaded at the conclusion of the online application process must be filled out by students from EU countries.

Requirements to Apply for the University of Pisa DSU Scholarship

Candidates must be prepared to submit the following paperwork in order to apply:

  • Copy of a valid identity document.
  • Document certifying the family’s economic status 
  • Application Form
  • All documents must be translated into Italian and legalised by the appropriate Italian diplomatic representatives of the student’s home country or in accordance with the international legalisation requirements. These documents must be related to:
    • family status;
    • income;
    • real estate;
    • movable assets.
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Deadline for the University of Pisa DSU Scholarship

The DSU Scholarship deadline is 6th September 2022.

How to Apply for the DSU Scholarship

The DSU compiles one ranking list that includes both international and Italian students. Every year, provisional ranking lists are usually announced by the end of September. Every year, the final rankings are typically approved by the end of November.

The allocation of grant results will be made public here and on the students’ private page. Personal written communication with applicants regarding results is not permitted.

Scholarship Award

A DSU scholarship consists of

  • Free housing,
  • exemptions from university tuition fees are all provided. This benefit is renewable each year.
  • a contribution toward extra costs (such as books or extracurricular activities), and
  • free meals in the university dining halls,

The University of Pisa and its history

A public university, the University of Pisa has twenty departments as well as top-tier research centres in the fields of agronomy, astronomy, computer science, engineering, medicine, and veterinary medicine. The University also maintains close ties with the National Board of Research’s Pisan Institutes, numerous cultural institutions of importance on both a national and international scale, and various industries, particularly those based in information technology, which experienced a period of explosive growth in Pisa during the 1960s and 1970s.

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The University of Pisa was formally founded in 1343, but some academics assert that it actually dates back to the 11th century.

The first indication of a “Studium” in Pisa can be found in 1338 when renowned jurist Ranieri Arsendi moved from Bologna to Pisa. He and Bartolo Da Sassoferrato, a Civil Law lecturer, were paid by the Municipality to impart their knowledge to the general public.

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