University of Ottawa Scholarships in Canada

University of Ottawa Scholarships in Canada

University of Ottawa Scholarships provides so many impressive admission financial aids for foreign candidates like Chancellor’s Scholarship, President’s Scholarship, President’s, Chancellor’s, and Indigenous Leadership Scholarship Award Finalists, Follett of Canada Textbook Bursary, Father Roger Guindon Student Assistance Fund, Enrichment Mini-Courses Scholarship Award, Admission Scholarship Award for Elite Student-Athletes.

The University of Ottawa is a multilingual state research university and one of the highly-ranking universities in Canada; it provides Scholarship awards for foreign Students, who want to embark on their undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. studies in Canada. Every year, applicants from over 150 nations choose to study at the University of Ottawa.

University of Ottawa Areas of Study

The University of Ottawa provides a broad range of academic areas of study options for undergraduate and graduate degree programs via its various faculties which are well regarded for their value of education.

The university consists of the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Science, Telfer School of Management, Faculty of Education, and Faculty of Social Sciences also.

Eligibility for University of Ottawa Scholarships

Eligibility conditions for University of Ottawa Scholarships vary, but mostly you are required to:Related Articles

  • Satisfy the admission requirements of the program you’ve chosen.
  • Be enrolled fulltime in a university undergraduate program.
  • Be a Canadian national or permanent resident, or have displaced person or refugee status, unless if it is explicitly mentioned that international students are qualified (you’ll see a globe symbol next to the scholarship award in their main website).
  • Possess the minimum admission average that satisfies the scholarship conditions.
  • Display leadership and engagement in your education and extracurricular undertakings.
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University of Ottawa Scholarships Values:

  • President’s Scholarship for foreign candidates: $30,000 ($7,500 each Year).
  • Chancellor’s Scholarship for foreign candidates: $26,000 ($6,500 each Year).
  • Chancellor’s, President’s, and Indigenous Leadership Scholarship Award Finalists: $1,500.
  • Father Roger Guindon Student Assistance Fund: At most $20,000.
  • Follett of Canada Textbook Bursary: At least $5,000.
  • Enrichment Mini-Courses Scholarship Award: $1,000 and $500.
  • Admission Scholarship for Elite Student-Athletes: At least $1,000.

How to Apply for University of Ottawa Scholarships

The application procedure for these scholarship awards is to be completely done online. When submitting for admission, you’ll get an email with your UO-Access ID and password that will be granting you access the student portal (the UO-Zone).

Sign into UO-Zone to gain access to the Online Scholarships and Bursaries search engine (you will find it under Finances and jobs). Create your account to locate the scholarship awards and bursaries that fit your profile then you can submit applications for them.

Application closing dates for University of Ottawa Scholarships differ by program and can be as early as 10 months before the first term commences. Make use of the program-specific requirements online tool to check the application closing dates and be sure to submit your application prior to the deadline for your program.

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If you are a foreign student, we recommend you apply as soon as you can, because it can take up to six months or more to get a study permit, depending on your nation.

Be sure to upload all required credentials before or by the date required. The school cannot guarantee that any applications submitted after the specified closing date will be accepted.


Notice of collection of personal information

Your personal details is gathered under the authority of the University of Ottawa Act and is planned to be used for the purposes of and those in line with the administration and the assessment of your suitability for financial aid and/or awards.  By putting in and accepting financial aid and/or scholarship awards, you assent to the University of Ottawa divulging your personal details as set out in this Notice.

If you are successful in getting financial aid and/or scholarship awards, the University may divulge your name, faculty, program, year of study and award amount gotten to the donor. The University is also permitted to make this information obtainable publicly by publishing it on its website. Please direct any questions concerning this gathering of personal details to [email protected].

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