University of Houston Acceptance Rate | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admissions

The University of Houston may be a large public research university with a 63% acceptance rate. Founded in 1927, the University of Houston is the flagship campus of the four-campus University of Houston system. For undergraduates, the university offers over 100 major and minor programs, with business being the foremost popular. Students enjoy a 22-to-1 student/faculty ratio, and professors approach teaching and learning in a personalized manner. 

Students will find numerous opportunities to interact with the campus community outside of the classroom through the university’s numerous clubs and organizations. Houston Cougars compete within the American Athletic Conference of the NCAA Division I.

The University of Houston features a moderately selective admissions process, accepting quite half of all applicants. Students with SAT/ACT scores and GPAs that meet the institution’s requirements have an honest chance of being admitted. Applicants must submit a web application, also as SAT or ACT scores and high school transcripts. Excellent recommendation letters, also as involvement in student organizations and taking on a challenging course load, can help your application. 

Students with unique talents and accomplishments can still receive strong consideration whether or not their GPAs fall outside of the admissions office’s mean range. Following their application, students will receive a message from an admissions counselor outlining the subsequent steps in the application process.

So, does one plan on applying and is confident that one will be accepted? Then this text will walk you through the University of Houston acceptance rate, requirements, application process, and other important information you would like to know about the University of Houston.

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What To Know About The University of Houston

In Houston, Texas, the University of Houston (UH)  may be a public research university. UH was founded in 1927 and is the third-largest university in Texas, with over 47,000 students. It’s a member of the University of Houston System. Its campus, which is primarily located in southeast Houston, encompasses 894 acres (3.62 km2), including its Sugar Land and Katy locations. The university is designated as an “R1: Doctoral Universities with Very High Research Activity.”

Through its 16 academic colleges and schools and an interdisciplinary Honors College, the university offers over 276-degree programs, including programs resulting in professional degrees in architecture, law, optometry, medicine, and pharmacy. The university invests $203 million in research annually and has more than 35 research centers and institutes on campus.

The University of Houston hosts a variety of theatrical productions, concerts, lectures, and other events. There are over 500 student organizations on campus, also as 17 intercollegiate sports teams. The Cat’s Back, Homecoming, and Frontier Fiesta are annual UH events and traditions. The Houston Cougars are members of the American Athletic Conference and compete in NCAA Division I sports. 

The university accepted an invitation to join the Big 12 Conference in 2021. The eleven frequently competes in bowl games, and therefore the men’s basketball team has made 23 NCAA Division I Tournament appearances, including six Elite Eight and Final Four appearances.

Earlier said, the University of Houston’s admissions process is moderately selective, with quite half of all applicants accepted. So you’ve got the hopes of being admitted into this great institution.

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What Is The University of Houston Acceptance Rate in 2023?

Houston admissions are somewhat selective, with a 63% acceptance rate. Students admitted to Houston have a mean SAT score of 1120-1310 or an ACT score of 22-28. Houston’s regular admissions application deadline is May 31. Students who have an interest in early action or early decisions can apply. The first decision deadline is October 15, and therefore the early action deadline is November 1.

The GPA of a student is extremely important to admissions officials at the University of Houston. When available, an applicant’s high school class rank is very important, and letters of advice are taken into account by admissions officials at the University of Houston.

If you plan to attend the University of Houston and have citizenship from a country other than the United States, you want to apply as an international transfer student.

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What Is The University of Houston Transfer Acceptance Rate? 

With a 91 percent transfer acceptance rate, the University of Houston is considered one of the most transfer-friendly schools in the state.

The University of Houston may be a  transfer-friendly institution where you can find a transfer plan to help you achieve your goals. UH provides smooth transfer plans from other institutions. Whether you would like to work in psychology, business, computing, history, or education, otherwise you have a technical degree and want to transfer it into a bachelor’s degree program, UH has the proper transfer plan for you.

With Texas recently passing legislation to make it easier to transfer credits from two-year institutions to universities, UH has seen a rise in interest from that outside of the Houston area.

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Is The University of Houston Hard To Get  Into?

UH features a 63% acceptance rate. It’s the 25th lowest acceptance rate in Texas. If you meet the wants, UH may be a moderately competitive school with a good chance of acceptance. Last year, 17,986 applicants were accepted out of a complete 28,645 applicants.

The application fee for UH is $75, and applications must be submitted by Dominion Day.

The school has stringent SAT and ACT admission requirements, generally admitting students who score within the top 37% (SAT 1120/1600 ACT 22/28).

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Does The University of Houston Require Test Scores in 2023?

Freshman students are typically required to submit SAT and/or ACT scores with their application to high schools. These scores are typically considered when colleges make admission decisions.

However, as a result of the ongoing effects of COVID-19, the University of Houston has implemented test-optional admission—students can now apply with or without these test scores.

The University of Houston SAT Requirement

The University of Houston prefers applicants who rank within the top 37 percent of SAT takers. The university consistently accepts SAT composite scores as low as 1120 on a 1600 scale, implying that admission may be a long shot. Some students with SAT scores as low as 1020 could also be accepted. 

For admitted freshmen, the typical SAT composite is 1220 out of 1600. UH has the very best average SAT composite score in Texas and is ranked #226 in the country. Because 88 percent of applicants submit SAT scores to the varsity a competitive SAT score is critical.

The University of Houston ACT Requirement

According to admission data, UH regularly accepts students with ACT scores of 22 and above. Successful applicants typically submit ACT scores within the top 37% of all applicants nationwide. In some cases, the university will accept ACT composite scores as low as 19.

Prospective students with an ACT composite of 25 or higher should be within the top half of applicants, while students with a 28 or higher have excellent chances. The university has the highest average ACT composite score in Texas, ranking 11th. The University of Houston receives ACT scores from 35% of applicants.

With these test scores and satisfying other requirements, you are certainly at a great advantage to getting admitted into the University of Houston

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What Are The Admission Requirements For The University of Houston in 2023?

The University of Houston provides education through various degree programs; students can choose any field, like engineering, doctorate, architecture, or nursing, as long as they meet the admission requirements.

The following requirements must be met to be admitted to an undergraduate degree program at the University of Houston.

1. High school GPA

2. High school Rank

3. High school Transcript

4. College Prep Courses


6. Recommendations

7. Demonstration of proficiency

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University of Houston GPA requirements transfer

Minimum GPA: 

If you’ve got a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, you’ll be guaranteed admission. When your overall GPA is between 2.25-2.49 Admission is predicated on an individual evaluation.

Official Transcripts: 

Official college transcripts from all institutions or colleges attended are required.

Application Fee:

Non-refundable application fee of $75

Other Requirements: 

Previous institution proof of excellent standing is required.

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University of Houston GPA Requirements

To be admitted to UH, applicants must have exceptionally high grades. The admitted class at the University of Houston has an average high school GPA of 3.75 on a 4.0 scale, indicating that primarily A- students are accepted and ultimately attend. The university has the sixth-highest average GPA in High school PA meets these requirements, you’ve got a good chance of being accepted because UH accepts 63% of applicants.

With these requirements being completely provided, you’re good to go ahead with applications to the University 

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How To Apply To The University of Houston

Some procedures have got to be followed to apply to the University of Houston. The procedure is listed in the steps below.


Fill out the ApplyTexas Application or The Common Application to use at the University of Houston. Just one application should be submitted. You will choose whether you want your application to be reviewed with or without a test score on your application. 


With a credit or open-end credit, pay the nonrefundable $75 application fee ($90 for international students). Payments are often made through your myUH self-service portal or before you submit your admissions application.

First-year students could also be eligible for a fee waiver. Simply fill out the National Association for School Admissions Counseling Fee Waiver Form and send a PDF copy to myUH.


To submit your most up-to-date high school transcript, select one among the following options:

• Request that your school’s administration send your official transcript data electronically via an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system, like  TREx (for Texas institutions) or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

• Provide your transcript information on your own. To self-report your transcript information, attend your task list in the self-service portal. Only math, science, English, and social studies classes are going to be reported.


If you’re applying for admission using a test score, please have your ACT or SAT score(s) sent on to the university from the testing agency. The ACT code is 4236 and the SAT code is 6870.

Skip this step if you’re applying for admission without a test score.

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Alternatives To The University of Houston

Other large public research universities exist as alternatives to the University of Houston. The schools are as follows:

1. University of Sheffield

2. University of California, Irvine

3. University of Texas  Rio Grande  Valley

4. University of North Texas

5. The University of Texas at Arlington

6. Rice University

7. Texas Tech University

8. Texas State University

9. The University of Texas at Austin


What are my chances of admission to the University of Houston?

63% of those who apply are admitted to UH. Admission competition is low, and therefore the college has stringent admission requirements.

What is the minimum GPA required to transfer to the University of Houston?

You are guaranteed admission if you have a cumulative minimum GPA of 2.5. Individual considerations are going to begin if your cumulative GPA is 2.25-2.49.

Is it difficult to get into the University of Houston?

The University of Houston features a 63% acceptance rate. This means that the school is moderately selective. The university expects you to meet their GPA and SAT/ACT requirements, but they’re more flexible than other schools. You’ve got a good chance of getting in if you exceed their requirements.

Is the University of Houston regarded as prestigious?

Houston University is ranked #182 out of 443 national universities. Schools are rated by their performance on a set of widely accepted excellence indicators.


Houston University is a large public university that accepts 63% of its applicants. This means that 63 students were admitted for every 100 who applied, making the University of Houston’s admissions process somewhat competitive. 

All applicants must submit SAT or ACT scores and meet the University of Houston’s admission requirements.

We believe that this article is a good starting point for learning about the University of Houston acceptance rate, application requirements, and University of Houston facts.



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