Does United Airlines Have a Student Discount? | How to Get United Airlines Student Discount

Every student aspires to work hard in class and succeed in all aspects of life. We all have been raised with the idea that we will one day realize our dreams. Do you have aspirations of taking a higher education trip? But do you know if there are any specific student airfare discounts? If not, you should read this article which will enlighten you about the United Airlines Student discount and its student ticket savings. 

If you are knowledgeable, you can always get affordable and reduced aeroplane tickets using the United Airlines student discount. Saving money is a desire shared by all. And since it enables you to do so, taking advantage of the United Airlines student discount is a great way to do it.

This manual contains all the information required to take advantage of the United Airlines student discount. 

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What to Know About United Airlines Student Discount in 2023?

Student discounts are incentives for students by various businesses to buy their products and services at a lower retail price. The business establishes requirements that must be met to qualify for the student discount, as well as the amount of the discount to be given to students, any additional perks, and the marketing plan to ensure the students are aware of the discounts. 

With a MileagePlus account and the United App, students between 18 and 22 can book tickets with United Airlines and receive special student rates. A student must be able to show proof of being enrolled in school and be between the ages of 18 and 22 for United Airlines to award or deny them the United airline student discount. 

You can go anywhere globally with United Airlines’ student discount and its partner airlines smoothly. In the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific, United offers seamless connections to 25 premier airlines as a member of the Star Alliance.

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Who is Eligible for United Airlines Student Discount?

One must be between 18 and 22 and a currently enrolled college or university student to qualify for the United Airlines student discount. Additionally, the student must have a United App, be a member of MileagePlus, and have a mileage-plus account.

Students must first download and install the United App on their personal computers from Google Play or the Apple Store to be eligible for the United airline student discount. They must then sign into their MileagePlus accounts, if they already have any, or register to create new MileagePlus accounts. The student then logs into the United App using their account, chooses Book, and then discounts travel. After filling out the necessary travel information, the student searches for any discounts available for their destination before confirming the flight. 

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Does United Airlines have a Student Discount in 2023?

It is OK to look around for off-peak tickets. However, there are instances when you want to go your way. Student discounts can save the day in this situation. 

Many major airlines provide discounted student rates for university students and young travellers. There are even a few low-cost airlines that target college students primarily. 

However, several airlines offer student discounts depending on your age rather than considering your enrollment status in school. As a result, you’ll frequently be eligible for an automatic discount.

Fortunately, United Airlines isn’t just a major airline; it also provides students with United Airlines student discounts. The best news is that United won’t ask you to provide documentation proving your enrollment in a certain university or college. 

The United Airlines student discount depends on age. In other words, if you’re between 18 and 22, you can automatically receive a 5% flight discount to any location in 2023. 

You must sign up to become a MileagePlus member if you want to be eligible for the United Airlines student discount and to receive a lower fare. Additionally, you must make a direct reservation through the United app (rather than a comparison site).

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How Do I Get a United Airlines Student Discount in 2023?

Step 1: First, enter your email address to create a United Airlines account. Additionally, confirm your registration in school by providing the necessary information on the website for United Airlines. 

Step 2: Subsequently, a message from will arrive in your inbox requesting that you activate your account. To complete it, adhere to the email’s instructions. 

Step 3: Upon successful authentication, you will be eligible for a 10% discount on most travel deals. 

Step 4: Establish your status as a student to be eligible for the unique United Airlines student discount. Copy the promotional code and paste it while you are checking out. Utilize this wonderful offer from United Airlines.

Input your discount code after adding the items you want to your shopping cart and proceeding to the online checkout. The presence of a box labelled “Promo Code,” “Discount Code,” “Student Discount,” or “Voucher Code” just before you enter and confirm your payment information differs depending on the retailer. The deal amount will be deducted from the final price once you’ve entered your code, allowing you to see how much you’re saving. 

You don’t need a United airline student discount code at checkout for a couple of our offerings because you have unique access to the discount site. We also have certain in-store promotions that require you to submit your student ID. 

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Do United Airlines Members Get Discounts Online in 2023?

Through my discount program, eligible staff members, retirees, and pass holders can get a 20% discount on revenue-confirmed tickets for system-wide travel in any cabin on United and United Express. 

United Airlines members get solid discounts when applying online using the United app. Most students and members apply online to access discounts in 2023. 

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Is a United Airlines Student Discount Membership Worth it?

The United Airlines Student Membership is more than worth the price. Students in all grade levels can presently apply a discount of up to 20% off their favourite United Airlines ticket class after completing the student authentication process. Non-students are not permitted access to this. Thus they must pay the standard set charge.

United Airlines Student Discount Promo Code and Coupon Code. 

  • Join United’s MileagePlus program to receive free points for each mile flown and for stays at various hotels and other activities. 
  • Join United’s credit card program to accrue points toward free flights. Receive a bonus of 100,000 miles simply for signing up. 
  • Shop online at more than 900 merchants using the MileagePlus app to earn points that can be redeemed for free flights. 
  • You can earn points redeemable for free flights by completing surveys at e-Rewards. 
  • If you already hold elite status with another airline, switching to the same status with United is simple and will allow you to take advantage of savings offers. 
  • Consider taking a flight early or late at night to save money. 
  • To save money, look into alternate flying days wherever possible. 

The available coupon and promo code can be seen here or on the United Airlines Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Book Discounted Ticket for a Friend or Family Member?

No. The cheaper airfare is only available for single tickets. However, if your friend or relative is between 18 and 23 at the time of booking, they can also reserve a ticket via the United app at a discounted rate for themselves.

Does the United Airlines Student Discount Apply to All Flights?

The savings apply to flights operated by United or United Express® to and from a few overseas locations and domestic flights inside the United States. Members can access all discounted flight options through the United app. International discounts also apply to codeshare flights operated by Air Canada, ANA, Austrian, Brussels, Lufthansa, and Swiss and designated with a “UA*” flight number.

Will I Recieve Premier Benefits When Travelling Using United Airlines Student Discount?

Yes. You will get the discount and all the perks of the Premier level if you are a MileagePlus member between 18 and 23 at the time of booking. The majority of the Basic Economy restrictions apply to tickets purchased by Premier members in Basic Economy. However, Premier members are always qualified for a full-sized carry-on bag and the complimentary checked baggage allowance with their Premier status. They also receive the same boarding priority when travelling on any other ticket.

Who is eligible for a United Airlines student discount?

This discount is available to MileagePlus members aged 18 to 22 while booking. And also need to have a date of birth mentioned on their MileagePlus account.


The United Airlines student discount gives the airline a chance to boost the number of students who book tickets with them and their loyalty to utilizing that particular airline whenever they need to travel, whether to and from school or for vacations. Airlines use the student discount as a tactical marketing tool to target and cater to the student market.


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