Unexpected Love Novel by Luna

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Unexpected Love Novel Summary.

A 16 year old Princess Catalaighya was a normal depressed teenage princess who is the eldest of 8 and has a lot of responsibilities.

Her mothers name is Crystal, and her fathers name is Charles. Her birthday is in a week. When Catalaighya was 10 her mother Crystal died of a disease and she was very upset but also glad that her abusive mother was gone.

Her father got remarried to a woman named Constance. Constance is a beautiful woman in her late thirties, she is nice to the children and Catalaighya was very glad to have Constance .

It took a while for Catalaighya to warm up to her but Constance was very patient. 4 years ago Catalaighya met her best friend Direllia and many people have said they look like twins but as far as anyone knew they were not related at all.

Direllia’s home burned down in a fire and so Catalaighya convinced her parents to let Direllia and her family move into the castle. Catalaighya and Direllia run into a problem.

Will Catalaighya and Direllia survive, will they perish together or will they both find their happily ever after’s and/or something more. Find out now in this story.

We also made this story where you can act out this story like a play with your friends.

Unexpected Love Novel by Luna
Unexpected Love Novel by Luna

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