UC Davis Acceptance Rate 2023 | Requirements, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA, & Admission 

Are you looking to know UC Davis’s acceptance rate and some other requirements to secure admission into the school?

UC Davis is the best option for you if you’re a freshman, transfer, or international student looking for a college or university with a very high acceptance rate! 

The college acceptance rate in 2023 is 46%, almost 56.7% national average. According to this, only 460 applicants are chosen for admission for every 1000 applications received. 

Additionally, the university’s tuition fee, which is around $5,662, is less than the national average for tuition. The university also provides financial aid in the form of scholarships. 

The high acceptance rate, low tuition cost, active student life, and financial aid availability are sure to appeal to potential applicants.

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What to know about UC Davis

Public university UC Davis, also known as the University of California, Davis, is situated in Davis, California, in the United States. 

Students can select from a wide range of courses at the University. 

It spans the Colleges of Business and Communication, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities, Science and Technology, and Arts and offers 31 bachelor’s degrees, 17 associate’s degrees, 27 minors, and 14 certificates. 

Student life at the University includes clubs for the arts, academics, student organizations, unconventional activities, multiculturalism and diversity, health sciences, athletics, and recreation. 

For instance, the Raging Red Show Choir performs hip-hop, Broadway, and spiritual music all over California and, on occasion, even abroad, as it did in China for the 2010 World’s Fair.

In September, UC Davis will host the Southern California International Documentary Film Festival. 

The University is renowned for being one of the state’s least expensive schools and providing financial aid to its students. 

Scientist Charles Moen Rice, 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate and Katherine Jungjohann; US Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral; Chevron CEO John S. Watson; entrepreneur Jason Lucash; and actor Matthew Moy. 

Notable faculty include two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Alan Taylor and painter Wayne Thiebaud, some of UC Davis’s most well-known alumni.

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What is UC Davis’ Acceptance Rate in 2023?

The acceptance rate of a college or University is a crucial factor to consider when choosing one. 

Being accepted is crucial because it reveals whether the admissions process is selective. 

UC Davis has a 46% acceptance rate, which is impressive and makes admission very simple. 

The prospective student only needs to apply! 

The acceptance rate at UC Davis is higher than the roughly 57% average acceptance rate for colleges across the country. 

This implies that 46 applicants are chosen for every 100 applications received.

The colleges of Business and Communication, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities, Science and Technology, and Arts offer about 47 majors at UC Davis.

There are many different programs from which university applicants can choose. 

Additionally, for the convenience of students, most majors offer online and on-campus options. 

The following are the most popular majors at UC Davis and their acceptance rates:

  • Accounting – 1.7%
  • Biology/Biological Sciences – 2.5%
  • Business Management – 2.9%
  • Computer and Information Science – 1.5%
  • Criminal Justice/Safety Studies – 1.9%
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities –12%
  • Nursing – 8.1%
  • Psychology – 1.8%
  • Speech Management and Rhetoric – 3.7%

What is UC Davis’ Transfer Acceptance Rate in 2023?

Candidates should familiarize themselves with UC Davis’ acceptance rate if they are considering transferring there.

57% of transfer applicants are accepted by UC Davis, a competitive acceptance rate. 

Applicants need a GPA of at least 3.26 to have a chance of transferring successfully to UC Davis. 

Additionally, you are given admission consideration if you meet the prerequisites for admission.

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Is UC Davis hard to get into?

A school’s acceptance rate is the first factor determining whether it is difficult or simple to get into. 

The acceptance demonstrates how competitive the admissions process is at the school. 

UC Davis is one of the few universities with a 46% acceptance rate. 

The impressive acceptance rate demonstrates how straightforward it is to enroll in the University and how less competitive the admissions process is. 

The University does, however, require applicants to have a minimum GPA of 3.26 in addition to the acceptance rate. Candidates who meet the requirements for admission to UC Davis have a chance of getting accepted.

Does UC Davis Require Test Scores?

The requirements for standardized tests differ from school to school. 

Most schools require the SAT or ACT, and many also require the SAT subject tests. 

You must take the SAT or ACT if you want to apply. 

More importantly, success is necessary for a strong application.

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UC Davis’ SAT Requirements

New SAT scores range from 1150 to 1410, with 1410 being the 75th percentile. 

To put it another way, a score of 1150 places you below average, while a score of 1410 raises you to above average.

 Although UC Davis doesn’t have a strict SAT requirement, they want to see at least 1150 to be considered. 

UC Davis’ ACT Requirements 

The ACT score for the 25th percentile is 25, and the ACT score for the 75th percentile is 31.

In other words, if you get a 25, you’re below average, and if you get a 31, you’re above average. 

Although UC Davis does not have a strict ACT requirement, they want to see a 25 be considered.

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What are the Admission Requirements for UC Davis 

Each institution has a set of prerequisites that all applicants must meet to be taken into consideration for admission. 

With an open admissions policy, Dixie State University accepts all or most candidates who possess a high school diploma or a score on the General Education Development (GED) exam. 

collegiate students 

  • application through the online application portal of UC Davis
  • $35 for application fees 
  • Students must be at least 18 years old. 
  • 3.26 minimum GPA 
  • High school diplomas 
  • Accuplacer or ACT/SAT score 
  • Character Reference Letters 

Additionally, freshmen students must: 

  • Finish Trailblazer Prep and show up for new student orientation.

worldwide students 

  • Use the UC Davis online application portal or send a letter of application. 
  • Application fees for non-U.S. citizens: $75 
  • If not in English, official transcripts must be translated Letter of Recommendation 
  • Medical Insurance 
  • English proficiency certification 
  • properly completed application

Transfer Requirements for UC Davis

With a 57% acceptance rate, UC Davis is a transfer-friendly institution. 

For transfer students who have the necessary credits and admissions paperwork, the University offers a variety of programs. 

The following requirements must be met by transfer students to be admitted 

  • Send in your online application for admission. 
  • Pay the $35 application fee that is not refundable. 
  • Send official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities and your ACT, SAT, and placement test results. 
  • Transcripts from high school are required for transfer students with fewer than 24 college-level credits. 
  • Recommendation letter

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UC Davis GPA Requirements in 2023

While many colleges have minimum GPA requirements, these often serve as the bare minimum for submitting an application without immediate rejection.

The GPA requirement represents the GPA needed to have a favorable chance of admission.

In determining this requirement, the average GPA of current UC Davis students is considered.

UC Davis accepts students with GPAs as low as 3.26.

B average with some A’s mixed in is acceptable.

Also, avoid C’s and D’s at all costs as they may cause readers of your application to question your ability to handle the pressure of college coursework.

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How to Apply to UC Davis

To be considered for admission to UC Davis in the United States, candidates must prepare all necessary paperwork. 

These records include, among others, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and SAT/ACT scores. 

This procedure will guide you as you complete your online undergraduate student application. 

Use the UC Davis online application portal to submit your application.

 For the application process to begin, applicants must first create a login name and password. 

In the future, you will need your login name to access your application. 

Please make a note of it and keep it in a secure location. 

A working email address is also required for the application to be submitted. 

Until your school creates your email address, all official correspondence will be sent to that one.

Pay the $35 (for domestic students) or $75 (for international students) non-refundable application fee. 

Please be mindful of the time. Inactivity for twenty (20) minutes will result in the termination of your application session.

 Don’t submit another application if that occurs. 

Submit all required paperwork 

Check the status of your application and your document checklist. 

Next, send in your academic transcripts and any other materials specified in your confirmation email.

Make sure you have the time to finish your application in one sitting. 

Once you press the submit button, the application will close, and you won’t be able to access it again. 

Click “submit” only after you are certain that all corrections or changes have been made.

 If you remember something you forgot to do or omitted information, please do not enter a second application.

Alternative to UC Davis

  • Boston college, chestnut hills 
  • Drexel University, Pennsylvania
  • Lafayette College, Easton
  • Buckner University, Lewisburg
  • Haverford College, Pennsylvania 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do online programs at UC Davis exist? 

Yes. UC Davis offers about five online programs.

Do fraternities and sororities exist at UC Davis? 

If you’re not interested in Greek life, UC Davis might be a good fit for you because there are no fraternities or sororities there. 

Does UC Davis require an essay? 

Although UC Davis hasn’t stated how it feels about the SAT Essay/ACT Writing, they likely view it as optional. As a result, you can forget about writing for this University. 

Will UC Davis require me to submit my test results? 

At UC Davis, tests are required. Test results are a required component of the application


UC Davis is one of the few colleges that uphold the ideal standard for students. 

The University has a remarkable admission rate of 46%, which is extremely uncommon, and a retention rate of 53%, which indicates that students are happy with the University’s educational standards and have decided to stay. 

Furthermore, UC Davis covers 25% of the financial need for undergraduate students.

 A full-time first-year student’s average financial aid package is about $1,812 annually.



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