Torn Hearts And Treacherous Love Novel by Stanley Parker

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Torn Hearts And Treacherous Love Novel Summary.

Sometimes, not all love stories turn out as perfect as we’d like them to. Andy Chester grew up in a world of crime, but deep inside, he wanted love just like anyone else.

Even though he did bad things, he felt sorry for them. No matter how hard he tried to be better, he couldn’t escape his criminal past. In the end, he didn’t think anyone would care about him.

All he really wanted was a mom’s love, like everyone deserves. But even his own mom left him with his tough dad, who was a leader in the mafia gang.

Everything that happened to Andy was because of his family background, which made people see him as a scary person, without giving him a chance to show he was good.

Andy got tired of trying to change what people thought about him. Then one special day, he met the daughter of his enemy, and everything changed. At first, she was just his Nurse named Sally.

She was assigned to him when he had an accident as a result of a Internal mafia brawl that happened with his family that brought him close to his death,

but little did he know that there was more to her than meets the eye, and as love would have it, it was like a magnet. They couldn’t believe what was going on between them until it was beyond what they could control.

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With her, he felt okay being himself. For the first time, he knew what true love felt like. He went through lots of emotions, from being gentle to feeling sad, and that made him care less and less about things.

Torn Hearts And Treacherous Love Novel by Stanley Parker
Torn Hearts And Treacherous Love Novel by Stanley Parker

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