Top 5 Western Governors University WGU Scholarships for International Students

Western Governors University WGU scholarships are scholarships offered to students directly. We’ll rank the top 5, in this article. Tuition at WGU is roughly $7,000 per year for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I know you will say that the school is expensive. However, it is not one of the most expensive universities in the world.

Because WGU’s scholarships are based on time spent in the program rather than credits, your tuition may be much lower. For example, a business management degree costs $3,575 every six-month term, so finishing in fewer than four years will save you even more money on tuition. All of this is to imply that these aren’t full-ride scholarships, but it’s nearly a year of full tuition at WGU.

It’s also worth noting that students can only qualify for one WGU scholarship per degree, so apply for the largest amount you are eligible for.

If you’re thinking about WGU, don’t forget to look into private national and local scholarships as well! Even a little $1,000 scholarship will get you a long way at WGU, and a large scholarship may pay your entire tuition! We’ve got you covered with a lot of scholarship opportunities, trust me you can’t exhaust them. But for today, let’s get started.

5 WGU Scholarships for International Students

The following are top WGU Scholarships for International Students

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1. Linda Knodel Leaders in Nursing and Health Scholarship

This WGU healthcare scholarship is named after a past president of the American Organization of Nurse Executives. It is worth $5,000 and will be given to a student who “exemplifies Linda’s energy and commitment to leadership in her work with AONE.”

If you’re a nursing or healthcare student with previous leadership experience, this could be an excellent opportunity for you. It is given four times a year.

2. WGU Leadership Scholarship

The WGU Leadership Scholarship pays a generous $5,000 and is open to students from any degree program. To apply, you must first submit your college admissions application. Before you can apply to individual students, you must first complete the general scholarship application within 90 days after beginning school (either before or after). Following that, you must log into WGU’s scholarship portal to finish the application.

Because this scholarship is open to both existing leaders and those who desire to lead, you should paint a clear picture of how you intend to use your degree as a leader. If you win, you will receive $5,000 toward your tuition costs.

3. WGU Cybersecurity Scholarship

Cybersecurity is rapidly expanding and offers a high pay potential, making this scholarship an extremely appealing option. The amount is $5,000, and the website phrasing makes it appear that this grant is open to all cybersecurity students. We’re not promising anything, but it appears to be a much easier scholarship than the Linda Knodel Nursing Scholarship.

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Simply said, if you’re studying cybersecurity at WGU, make sure to apply for this fantastic scholarship that will cover nearly a year of tuition.

4. Apprenticeship Career Advancement Scholarship

With a $6,000 award, this scholarship outperforms the top entry. To apply, you must have “completed an apprenticeship program and want to earn a WGU bachelor’s degree in information technology, business, teacher education, or healthcare”.

Because those subjects characterize the majority of WGU’s degree options, the apprenticeship program is truly the sticking point here. If you have, this is the scholarship for you, and it is the biggest amount provided by WGU!

5. Margaret McClure Scholarship

Our next scholarship honours a dedicated supporter of advanced nursing education. The award is open to anybody enrolled in a Health Profession degree program, not just nurses. How can you apply for this scholarship? This WGU scholarship is very similar to the Linda Knodel Leaders in Nursing and Health Scholarship in that four awardees will be chosen, one each quarter, for their demonstrated activism or innovation in nursing that improves patient outcomes.

Students enrolled in a BSN or MSN program have a better chance of winning this scholarship, but anyone who can describe their activism or invention that benefits patients have a fair chance.


Is a degree from Western Governors University respected?
Western Governors University is accredited on a regional level. The Distance Education & Training Council (DETC) and the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges are the two most renowned bodies for national accreditation (ACCSC).

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Is the WGU taken seriously?
According to a study of 300 participants, all of whom are WGU graduates’ employers: Employers who claimed WGU graduates met or surpassed their expectations (98%). Employers who stated they would hire more WGU graduates (96%). Employers who stated that the WGU graduates they employed were well-prepared for the work (95%).

What percentage is passing at WGU?
To be considered for transfer, your course must match our completion criteria and have a final grade of 70% or above. A grade of at least 70% is necessary for credit recognition at WGU or to be recommended for ACE CREDIT. ACE transcripts only show Pass/Fail (P/F) grades.

Is WGU a difficult school?
Western Governors University is a difficult school for people who are not self-motivated. All program-related work is completed at home, around the student’s schedule. A weekly conversation with a personal mentor is necessary, but it is insufficient to keep you engaged.

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