The Wrong Twin For The Right Alpha Novel by Bianca C. Lis

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The Wrong Twin For The Right Alpha Novel Summary.

I slid under his arms, looking for a safe place to breathe. I noticed a playful smile on his lips, but chose to ignore it. “Will the change hurt?” I lowered my gaze and asked in a low whisper.

“More than you can imagine, human…” The candor in his words made me raise my chin toward him. “How is the transformation?” He approached me again, speaking slowly.

“First, your bones begin to break, throwing you to the ground.” His eyes were closed. “Then dense fur will grow all over your body. The elongation of the limbs, I find the most exciting part of the pain.” He teased with a flick of his tongue before continuing.

“Then comes the shortening of the snout and the development of sharp claws and fangs.” I took a deep breath, trying to process what was coming. “Is there anything else I need to know?” I asked, my voice shaking.

“Loss of control is imminent.” His eyes sparkled, as if he had traversed some hidden memory in his mind. “The thirst for blood is insatiable, the beast will dominate you, acting primarily on primal instincts.

This will result in violent attacks on anyone or any animal in your path!” “Will I become irrational?” I covered my mouth, trying to control the knot that had formed in my throat. “How do you control it?”

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Laughing, he had already reached me and pulled me close, digging his claws not too deep into my hip, causing a groan of pain. “It takes strength, training, and having the goddess on your side, human…”

He retracted the claws, leaving only one long one, and returned to my chin, scratching it and collecting a drop of blood. He licked it and smiled. “Don’t worry, I’ll be here for your whole trial…”

“To make sure I die?” With tears in my eyes, I took a few more steps forward into his dangerous game, noticing that his breathing was a little heavier. “You remind me so much of her.” He murmured, pressing his forehead against mine.

“To make sure your transformation doesn’t get out of control and to witness the deity’s choice.” With more pressure on my forehead, he forced me to take a few steps back in pain. “I’m scared…” I confessed, squeezing my hands together.

The wolf remained mysteriously seated, not saying a word. Joint pains began, a twist in my stomach, and my ribs seemed to expand inside, as if to make room for a dog’s soul.

“Ouch, that hurts…” I groaned, squatting down and wrapping my arms around my stomach. “I don’t want this…” I pleaded with teary eyes, looking at the Alpha in front of me. “Please, help me avoid this!”

The Wrong Twin For The Right Alpha Novel by Bianca C. Lis
The Wrong Twin For The Right Alpha Novel by Bianca C. Lis

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