The Wife of the Billionaire Novel by Sumi

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The Wife of the Billionaire Novel Summary.

“… I am sure when we spoke on the phone, this purpose wasn’t suggested. You did not say wanted to meet me to end the marriage, therefore I did not say I will be here to help in doing that.”

“Then why did you come?” She asked calmly. “What reason should a man have to see his fiance, Adele? I am here to see you… to get to know you more.” He loved her more than anything else in his life,

he desired her and he got her, but circumstances and responsibilities did not let him keep her long. As the days went by, they only grew apart. A pregnancy was lost as well.

What will he do to keep his family together especially when his darling wife decides to leave the house and requests for a divorce? Will he keep staring at the divorce papers every day and not sign them?

Or will he sign and finally set her free? Read to find out if the billionaire finally brings his family together again and how..

The Wife of the Billionaire Novel by Sumi
The Wife of the Billionaire Novel by Sumi

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