The Vampire’s Dark Desires Novel by KISS Moonlight

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The Vampire’s Dark Desires Novel Summary.

“You can’t do this to me. I won’t let you,” Cecilia stammered. “I can do whatever I want with you,” Jonathon said with a smirk, “You belong to me and only me.

You have no choice but to submit to my desires.” He tossed the table out of his way before pinning her to the wall. Jonathon huskily whispered into Cecilia’s ear as he hiked up her dress,

“And when you do, you’re going to love every moment of it.” Jonathon is a strong-minded, calculating, fierce warrior for the Vampire Lord that ruled over the city.

Cecilia is a smart and strong-willed woman. Nothing like a human pet is supposed to be. An accident makes them meet, what will happen between Cecilia and Jonathon?

Can Cecilia escape this vampire world? Or can she only succumb to Jonathon’s desires? Read to find out.

The Vampire's Dark Desires Novel by KISS Moonlight
The Vampire’s Dark Desires Novel by KISS Moonlight

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