The Uncrowned King Of Assassins Novel

Don’t overlook this captivating novel titled The Uncrowned King Of Assassins Novel.


The Uncrowned King Of Assassins Novel Summary

“An Exiled High-Profile Assassin Gets Dragged Back Into The Underworld Business When A Female Student Under His Care Gets Targeted By His Former Organization and Associates, Thus Forced To Put On His ‘Dirty’ Mask Once Again…”

In a dystopian world, demons and supernatural creatures exist in real but live in secret as a parallel secret society called the ‘Underworld’. These beings serve as obedient weapons, fulfilling the desires and clandestine tasks of their human masters.

With no personal stake in human affairs, they are known as the ‘Others’ for their unwavering loyalty and the vast array of races, including vampires, werewolves, goblins, and zombies. The Underworld provides a haven for its human overlords, offering assassin guilds, brothels, and opulent hotels where crime emperors convene to discuss their illicit dealings.

Amidst these supernatural beings, there was a remarkable exception—an ordinary ‘Human’. Devoid of any extraordinary attributes or specific skills, this weak and meek ‘Human’ emerged as the unexpected hero who brought an end to the ‘Great War of Underworld Clans’, a war that happened for control over the world.

Following his momentous and miraculous achievement, he unexpectedly vanished into seclusion, retiring from his occupation in silent anonymity.

This man’s true identity and origins remained shrouded in mystery, known only to a select few who hailed him as ‘The Uncrowned King.’

The main story revolves around a young but retired assassin living his peacefully but his peace gets disrupted when he gets dragged into the issue of saving a young girl, from the clutches of the Underworld organizations he used to work for in the past. Seeing this as an opportunity, all his old nemeses who were defeated by him in the past, join the hate bandwagon to hunt him and the girl down. But the bandwagon becomes a threat to our hero only after a certain member joins them – the woman he loved once AKA Diana Jones, the Vampire Princess.

The Uncrowned King Of Assassins Novel
The Uncrowned King Of Assassins Novel

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