The Triplets’ Rejected Disabled Mate Novel by Judels

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The Triplets’ Rejected Disabled Mate Novel Summary.

” We made a promise that we would wait! You have betrayed me, and now you are screwing around while you have a she-wolf pregnant!” Sarah’s gaze snapped back toward me.

She had never seen me this angry. “In that case,” Brian growled at me, “I, Brian Joseph Scott, future Beta from the Silver Moonstone Pack, reject you, Catherine Jones, as my mate.”

“I accept!” I growled, feeling the pain of rejection rippling through my body. I gasped for air, yet I knew the bond breaking would leave me in pain.

I was more hurt that Brian didn’t fight for me. Kate, daughter of Alpha Duncan and Luna Melissa, becomes disabled during a pack attack while saving twelve little pups with love.

She struggles to come to terms with her disability as well as the rejection from her fated mate, Brian, because of his betrayal with her best friend Sarah.

After being rejected by her fated mate Brian and second chance mates Ethan, when Kate returns from a rehabilitation center, she meets her third chance mates:

the handsome Alpha Colt and his brothers Grey and Sam Black – three triplets Alpha Brothers traveling in search of their mate. Will Kate accept the mate bond, or will her pride stand in the way?.

The Triplets' Rejected Disabled Mate Novel by Judels
The Triplets’ Rejected Disabled Mate Novel by Judels

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