The Tale of the Void Emperor Novel

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The Tale of the Void Emperor Novel Summary

Athan, a 16-year-old boy, lived until he was killed for a stupid reason. (Stupid reason in prologue:V)

But it seems that fate had stored different things for him as after death, His soul transmigrated to another world inside the dead body of a boy with the same name and same facial features as him.

He also found out that a mysterious black whirlpool seemed to be inside him and connected to his soul.

After the short unfortunate first life, he starts living his second life with more suffering he chooses to get stronger but with that also comes happiness he had never experienced.

A smooth sailing second life of Athan starts with something mystical inside his body and other benefits of it that could make him stronger with some suffering. However…he didn’t know that due to his soul (Was supposed to return to the source of the universe after death but instead, it was transmigrated by someone for some purpose, and that caused an adverse effect like increasing misfortune on his soul ).

The benefits he receives ultimately become the source of his second doom that is even worse than death. But…that’s when the future Void emperor is born.

The Tale of the Void Emperor Novel
The Tale of the Void Emperor Novel

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