The Sorcerer’s King: Ways of the Witches

The Sorcerer’s King: Ways of the Witches by Samcrowned00 is a historical novel set in ancient Africa. 

Summary of The Sorcerer’s King

In an era where every male child born at dusk was used as a sacrifice to appease the witches. However, King Oranmiyan was unable to produce male offspring until he was fortunate to bear his first and last prince. Although the prince was born at dusk, the king refused to offer his son’s life as a sacrifice as demanded by the culture, which angered the witches and caused chaos to begin.

The story revolves around the aftermath of the king’s decision to protect his son and not follow the tradition of sacrificing male children born at dusk. The novel explores themes such as tradition, sacrifice, power, and the supernatural. It takes the reader on a journey through the struggles of the king and his people as they navigate the anger of the witches and try to maintain their way of life.

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The Sorcerer's King: Ways of the Witches
The Sorcerer’s King: Ways of the Witches

The story is well-written, with vivid descriptions of African customs and beliefs. The author creates a rich cultural background for the characters, making them believable and relatable. The plot is engaging, and the characters are well-developed, with complex personalities and motivations.

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The Sorcerer’s King: Ways of the Witches is a captivating read for those who enjoy historical fiction with a touch of the supernatural. The novel provides an insightful glimpse into African culture and beliefs, while also delivering an exciting and thought-provoking story.

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